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Estimated Time: 4 weeks


Course Instructor

Patricia Laramee, RN Patricia Laramee, RN Author

Patricia Laramee is an RN and educator. She has authored the CNA Skills Made Easy program which includes books and videos, which are used by CNA programs throughout the country, and is currently working on several new textbooks and other projects. She has dedicated her career to providing high-quality educational resources that center on testing standards and best nursing practices. She lives in Florida with her husband and four-legged furry assistant.

CNA Test Prep Course

6 months of access

Access all course content, practice tests, videos, review questions, testing care plans and more for one low price. Or, enroll for FREE with the purchase of a skills book (available under “Shop” menu above)!

First Things First

Nursing Basics

Mobility Skills

Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

Washing Skills

Bed Skills

Elimination Skills

Important Principles

The Testing Experience

Test Registration

Finishing Up

Introductions and Instructions

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What Others Have Said

By: Dimitri Klein

this is great for me because i couldnt make the Nov classes and the next ones are in Jan thank you

The best program in florida
By: Dalila Lavandera

Thanks kindly for providing this program some of us have actually challenged the test without attending school and this course has made CNA easy just like the title of this course thank you somuch !

Well worth the time!
By: Rosie Burris

I'm testing tomorrow and I really wish I'd found this site earlier so I've have time to reschedule. I've learned so much and I'm not even half-way through the program. I feel much better prepared than when I first finished my CNA training. I won't have as much time to practice as I might need but I've really learned a lot from this course and it's worth completing just for the additional knowledge.

By: Lisa Morrison

All I can say is amazing ..there is no better online training. period

36 thoughts on “CNA Test Prep Online”

    1. Yes, this courses is completely online, completely free and it is entirely self-paced. Some people complete it in a few days, while others take a few weeks. It depends on how much time you have to devote to it and how quickly you grasp the material. I’m here for any questions along the way! Enroll (it’s free and easy to enroll) and try it out!

      1. Would I be able to get a certificate when I complete the course I really like this I’ve been learning a lot I did a cna course at a school just the training I want to learn more the instructor did it step by step but to fast only one week but I want to learn more then just a week 🙂🙂🙂🙂

    1. Not really. You are always going to get more in a classroom program. Although most of the material from the classroom program is covered in the online program, it is not the same. In the classroom program, you are going to get much more – lectures that are not in the online program, in depth demonstrations, classroom discussion, textbook reading, instructor-mediated practice time and much more are integrated into my classes. This online program is a good option if you can’t afford the classroom option, if you live outside of our geographic area or if you are re-testing because you failed a portion and don’t need to attend another classroom training session. It’s free, so you can always try it out for yourself, but if you have the option, my classroom training is really the way to go to get the best results. 🙂 Either way, good luck!

    1. This course provides the information that will be graded on during the CNA state exam. Other resources, discussed in the program, will certainly be helpful but are not REQUIRED. As far as being able to pass the state exam, that depends on your own personal learning style, how much time you devote to the program, your practice habits and the state you are testing in. This course will cover testing principles for Prometric testing used in 13 states. Other states may vary. It is a free resource, to be used as a study guide for the exam and if you are in Florida, will provide the necessary information to “Challenge” the state exam without any additional experience or education. Other states may require additional education with clinical experiences. Good luck!

  1. Great review. It has helped augment my studies since day 1. I feel very competent and confident for my impending exam next week. I owe you a debt of gratitude for making this class available for review

  2. How do I enrolled for the free course. I clicked on the get started link and takes me to the contents page but says I have to enroll in the course first.

  3. Miriam Ypanaque Navarre

    Hello, I did not go to any institute, can I register for the certification exam if I prepare myself? Is it necessary to go to an institute before taking the exam?

  4. Courtney Taylor

    I am an instructor for a health science class. I just want to say I LOVE this site!! It has been so beneficial to my students in reinforcing classroom content. I have incorporated your videos and practice questions into lecture and it has been so helpful! I cannot thank you enough and say enough good things about the set up and flow of this site. It is the main site I use now for videos and content that go best with our CNA test.


    Being waiting for my RN license for a whole year now, I found out that I could challenge the CNA test. Got the test today and passed! I used all the videos in conjunction with the practice tests from Thanks God I’m already a FL CNA!

  6. Hello , am I missing something here? I was under the impression that all CNA Classes / Courses were done in a class room hands-on setting ?
    I would love to take a step up from my HHA certification to CNA , but this seems too good to be true

    1. In Florida, everyone must pass the CNA state exam in order to become a CNA. No previous experience, education or training is required to challenge the CNA state exam. Anyone can challenge the exam at any time – no classroom training is required. While hands-on training is certainly preferred, it is not accessible for many low-income individuals, those in rural communities or those working full-time that may find classroom hours inconvenient. Our online course will help you gain the skills and knowledge to challenge the CNA exam successfully if you decide that a classroom program is not accessible to you. Many, many students have achieved success using these resources. Best of luck!

    1. I’m not sure what information you are looking for, so it’s hard for me to provide more information in this format. Please feel free to contact us by phone at 352-263-2328 x3 with any questions. Best of luck!

    1. No, we do not offer any awards or achievements or certificates for completing the program, as it is strictly information based. It is designed to give you the information you need to pass the state exam, and certification is awarded by the state after you pass the state exam. Best of luck!

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