The Care Plan and the CNA 

Follow along in your Skills Book, CNA Skills Study Guide 4th Edition Page 10 & 15.

The Care Plan and the CNA

Learning the skills is important…but not as important as learning what the care plan is all about! If you don’t understand the care plan…you will fail the exam, even if you memorized how to do the skill. Watch this video to learn more about Care Plans and the CNA.

a 4YourCNA Lesson

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feeding care plan

Did you get it?

Do you understand why the care plan is important? Did you learn that it is all about the care plan, the whole care plan and nothing but the care plan??? This is super-important – because the test needs you to follow the care plan EXACTLY. Because the care plan is specific to THAT patient, doing skills a different way won’t help THAT patient! If you understand this concept, the test will become super easy…all you have to do is read and follow directions!

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