Live Classroom Sessions


This is where you will find our LIVE CLASSROOM FEED every Monday and Wednesday from 9am – 1pm (ET).

Feel free to join in – it is not required for this course, but you may find it helpful to see this information presented live. Within the course that follows, you will see pre-recorded versions of the lectures I give in my live classes, but it you have the time, attending LIVE is the best way to learn! Plus, you will have the ability to ask questions…just like the students that are sitting in the classroom!

Click here to open the class syllabus.

Missed the live session? Click the replay below.

Class 1 Streaming LIVE 10/23/23

Class 2 Streaming LIVE 10/25/23

Class 3 Streaming LIVE 10/30/23

Class 4 Streaming LIVE 11/1/23

Class 5 Streaming LIVE 11/6/23

Class 6 Streaming LIVE 11/8/23

Class 7 Streaming LIVE 11/13/23

Class 8 Streaming LIVE 11/15/23

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