Testing Care Plan Sets


NOW IMPROVED – Featuring all indirect care checkpoints!! Practice with the Testing Care Plan Sets Bundle! Featuring the same skills groupings used in CNA skills testing!

You know your student is going to have to demonstrate 3 skills for the state exam…but did you know that there is a science behind which 3 they will get? Prometric uses only eleven testing care plan sets…only 11. Your student WILL get one of these 11. Each care plan set contains one ADL skill, one mobility skill and one documentation skill, but they are not selected at random. These three skills, one from each category, are combined into a SET, and there are 11 sets that Prometric uses for testing. This bundle of Prometric’s 11 care plan sets (each set also contains test timing information and the testing checklists) is professionally laminated and fastened with a split ring. Printed on Gold paper, perfect for display! No classroom skills lab is complete without a bundle of Prometric’s Testing Care Plan Sets!


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