CNA Principles Card Game – New Version now available!


New and Improved version!

CNA Principles Card Game – a fun, easy way to learn the Principles with friends, family or other CNA students!

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Who says learning can’t be fun? 4YourCNA’s Principles Card Game helps you learn the principles that you need to pass the state exam in a fun, interactive way…but watch out for those pesky Crappy Caregiver cards…they can bring you down! The card game is similar in format to Rummy, where you collect sets using natural and/or wild cards and the game ends when a player places at least 7 cards in one or more sets and discards a card from their hand (regardless of how many other cards they hold). A scoring feature allows you to play many rounds, or you can play a single round if time is tight! And, best of all, you don’t have to be in CNA training to play, so family and friends can join in on the fun! The game consists of 108 cards: 13 collectable sets, 8 uncollectable “Crappy Caregiver” cards, 10 specialty cards and 4 wilds. Complete playing instructions (as well as strategy) and quick reference cards included.

Best enjoyed by 2-4 players per deck (multiple decks can be combined to accommodate more players!), ages 10-99. No medical experience necessary to play (so friends and family can join in!). Sets can be used as flashcards of important principles and specialty cards can be used to start conversations about relevant topics (i.e., HIPAA, documentation, fire safety, patient reviews, etc.) and the Crappy Caregiver cards demonstrate negative employability traits (soft skills).

The goal of the game is to master a Principles set by collecting all cards in that set, while avoiding the Crappy Caregivers! Want to know more about how to play the game? Watch this instructional video!


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