CNA Skills Study Guide 5th Edition


UPDATED VERSION of our critically acclaimed CNA SKILLS STUDY GUIDE! Featuring over 50 additional pages of content, lessons, graphics and more. Full page banners of each “Principle” and “Testing Concepts” for every skill, along with new lessons on the 5 Key Phrases, HIPAA, Indirect Care, Intake and Output, Automated Urine Collection Devices and Workplaces for CNAs (including a free workplace personality quiz!). This Study Guide expands on the Principles Method of learning CNA skills, which groups steps into easily repeatable “Principles” that apply to many skills, simplifying the learning process and improving confidence, clarity and comprehension. This interactive study guide features comprehension questions throughout, ensuring student success. This study guide is designed to coordinate with 4YourCNA’s livestream instruction offered on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9am – 1pm (ET) for integrated live instruction and demonstrations. Come Join in on the fun!

FREE access to the Online CNA Test Prep Course for schools when ordering in bulk (10 or more!).

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