Abnormal Values

Follow along in your Skills Book, CNA Skills Study Guide 4th Edition Page 32-33.

Abnormal Values

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A big part of what CNAs do is to “Observe and Report”. Recognizing and reporting abnormal values is one of the MOST important tasks CNAs perform! If an abnormal vital sign is not recognized or reported – it won’t get treated. And if it doesn’t get treated, it can result in serious consequences for that patient! Click through the interactive lessons to learn what normal values are – and what needs to be reported.

Maximum Comprehension

How about some flash cards? Are you comfortable with abnormal values yet? You may need some flashcards to help learn what needs to be reported. Take a look at the activity below and see if you can determine what vital signs are okay, and which ones to report!

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Book Activity

Complete the activity on Page 33 of your Skills Study Guide. Answers are located in the back of your skills study guide on pages 148-151.