How to Learn the Skills

How to Learn the Skills

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Maybe you don’t have the money to order a book right now, or maybe you can’t see how a DVD would help you when you have access to all the skills right here for free. There are a lot of reasons to put off buying these supplies, and they are all good reasons. But you may change your mind later and, if you do, simply click on the shopping cart above (these buttons are in every lesson) and place your order. Remember, shipping takes time, so sooner is always better!

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This program has a lot of tools for you to use to prepare for the state exam, and most of them are contained right within the program. But we are getting ready to start learning skills now and that is going to require practice on your part. Watching ME do the skills will help you learn, but you will actually have to PRACTICE them yourself at some point. Watch this interactive presentation to learn how the skills book will help you practice what you have learned.