This CNA Online Test Prep Course does NOT qualify the student to test in any state. The user is responsible for researching the testing requirements in your state prior to enrollment. In Florida, users can challenge the CNA State Exam, all other states require that the user complete a state-approved CNA Course (of 75 hours or more). This course provides supplemental review material only and should be used solely as a tool to prepare for the CNA state exam. In some cases, this course may be used as part of an approved CNA Course curriculum when presented by a partner school. The school is responsible for qualifying the student for testing once all training conditions have been met. In no way, and under no circumstances, will completing the 4YourCNA Online Test Prep Course qualify any individual to be able to take the CNA state exam in any state. Completion of the Online CNA Test Prep Course WILL NOT result in any award, acknowledgement, degree, diploma, certificate, affidavit, authorization, certification or any other credential designating the course completion.